Who do you know, who is passionate about civil causes, and humanitarian issues, sensitive and concerned about sexual assault, abuse and victims’ rights? Someone who is excited about film and documentaries, storytelling and the arts and ready to bridge it all together?

That person should have the heart of a lion, bold and courageous and the mind of a wizard, ready to cultivate vital relationships and orchestrate needed collaborations?

If that is you or someone you are thinking of, fantastic. We need to connect right away please email us at info@50shadesofsilence.com

Here’s what we are looking for to help us advance the work and the mission of 50 Shades of Silence.

Someone who can:

  • Expand and deepen 50 Shades of Silence organization’s artistic and community impact.
  • Cultivate, advance and diversify our funding base and implement ongoing corporate partners.
  • Ensure an enduring record of excellence in programming and reputation.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders, allies, and partners to expand our reach
  • Cultivate paid members, individual donors, and potential funders.
  • Spearhead special fundraising and cultivation events.

Sound familiar, sound like areas of expertise that you possess or someone you know?

The mission at 50 Shades of Silence, both the documentary and the social justice project is to give voice and dignity to victims of cyber harassment and online crimes.

You might also be interested in helping to volunteer with us, I would love to hear from you!

Please send an email to us at info@50shadesofsilence.com and tell us in what ways can you help out, lend your support, or assistance?


To create a global movement and advocate for change and protection for victims of cyber harassment we have to get into action and stay connected.

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