“Revenge porn in particular is what I call Digital Domestic Violence. It is an extension of a relationship gone bad, with a vengeful ex [partner], in most cases who cannot physically put his hands on you, but has found a way through the internet, or through texting, or other electronic means to continue to harass and harm you.” Darieth Chisolm

This quote taken from my in depth interview with Nisha Gupta for Polemics & Pedantics Magazine. Misha is a part of a diverse team of students and professionals based out of India, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and New Zealand, among others to write on pressing issues of their field of work.

Nisha: Thank you very much for agreeing to speak to us. I would like to begin by talking to you about your experience over the past one year. Your journey into advocacy on issues surrounding cyber bullying, revenge porn, cyber stalking etc. began after your former partner posted intimate photos of you on the internet. Since then, you have displayed extraordinary courage in coming forward with your story, and encouraging others to come forward also. Now as a celebrity with considerable support and resources, many would say coming forward was easier for you than it is for others. What would you say to them and also to women who find themselves in similar situations?

Darieth: Well I would agree with you that I clearly had resources to help me with this- not only financially because it has been very expensive to go to court. I certainly was able to use my platform to speak about this, for myself and other victims as well. However, what I will say, in a sense contrary to what you said… When you have been victimised like this, it doesn’t matter what your status is, it’s the same amount of pain and shame and humiliation. It comes with no discrimination and no judgement. Unfortunately, I would say, it is a very common experience that most people feel when they have been victimised this way- this sense of violation and shame and humiliation, particularly with revenge porn… because revenge porn is a lot different, it usually stems out of a relationship with someone you may have loved and trusted. Then, this type of action not only embarrasses you online with content and images that you do not want out there, but it also comes at the hands of someone you were in a relationship with, so that’s a double layer of pain, as opposed to a complete stranger [being involved]. (READ MORE)


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