If you had told me last year this time that I would be a filmmaker a year later I would have laughed. But this is where the journey has taken me. As a first time filmmaker, I find myself uncertain, and a little bit overwhelmed at times, but each day I put one step in front of the other and I remind myself what’s at stake if I don’t get this done. And isn’t that what Everyday Courage is all about?

I am six days away from ending our first round of crowdfunding and asking for your donation. Click here to learn more.

We want you to know that you are contributing towards a movement that will impact the lives of people for generations to come. Your dollars are helping to give voice and dignity back to millions of people around the globe who are suffering in silence and shame.

I’m also surrounded with an extremely talented team of award-winning filmmakers and professionals who are equally committed to this project and I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge how grateful I am to have them join me in this movement.

The documentary we are filming is an emotional and hard-hitting look into the ever-growing global epidemic of cyber-harassment, cyber stalking, cyber bullying, cyber rape, sexting and revenge porn. We are exploring a variety of taboo topics, including: exposing sensitive and damaging content and images that threaten the workplace and professional lives of those who dare to go public, the financial burden incurred by those ensued in a legal fight for justice, and the sociopathic mindset of perpetrators. We know what we are creating is epic. It goes beyond your typical documentary and is part of a social justice and global rights movement for those left silenced.

The film will also serve as a force in formulating new and significant laws and legislation to protect all those affected. 50 Shades of Silence will encourage accountability and responsiveness amongst online companies and service providers, and promote social responsibility in texting, posting and sharing of content.

When complete you will see interviews with a variety of victims and survivors, advocates, behavioral experts, and lawmakers from around the globe. The victims will be given the chance to have a voice where they will tell their story in a safe environment to not only promote their own healing, but to give hope and courage to others.

And you get to have a front row seat to all of this! Can I please count on your contribution today?

We are in our final week for our first phase of crowdfunding. It ends in just 6 days and your support would be tremendous! Would you please donate?

We would love it if you were a contributor or a sponsor. Would your company or business like to sponsor the film?

You can click here to donate or please reply to this email and request a corporate sponsor package and I will send you one.

Thank you once again for your support!


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