We are so excited and pleased to announce our new Angel Ambassador Coordinator, Lori Jones. Lori’s looking forward to managing and coordinating efforts with people who have expressed an interest in helping us at www.50ShadesofSilence.com. Our outreach plans include continued education and support for victims and their families, advocacy work and coordination with other organizations who also have a mission to end revenge porn, cyber bullying and cyber harassment. Lori, will also field inquiries from brave victims who have shared their stories with us, as they release the shame, end the silence and use their voices.

Lori knows this all too well. Her life turned into a nightmare when she became victim of cyber sexual harassment and revenge porn at the hands of her ex-husband. Overcoming a very difficult time in her life, Lori has vowed to bring awareness and education to victims, law enforcement and most importantly our children. She believes the most significant aspect of obtaining support and help is through other survivors like herself.  She is aware of what a victim goes through and with her passion and understanding can help victims become survivors.

We want to thank Christine Camacho for her work and support as our original Angel Ambassador Coordinator and we wish you the best in your new adventure!

Welcome to the team, Lori!


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