On June 19th, Google announced it would allow people to remove revenge porn from its search engines. This welcome change in policy is excellent news and a major step in the right direction in the fight against revenge porn and cyber harassment.

The Damage of Intimate Photos and Google Searches Before the Update

Google’s actions have dramatically changed the landscape of non-consensual distribution of intimate images by providing victims with an immediate solution and relief from the situation. A significant, damaging aspect of revenge pornography was how it previously was handled through online search engines. An ex, a hacker, stalker, or peeping tom could upload intimate images of the victim, and they would go viral overnight.GOOGLE UPDATE ON SEXUALLY EXPLICIT IMAGES POSTED WITHOUT CONSENT

Victims would wake up the next day to find that they were being featured on hundreds of URLs that were inviting the public to watch and make comments on her nude figure. Google indexed this content, leading to it appearing on the first page of Google search results, effectively defining the victim’s online presence. This put the livelihood and self-esteem of the victim at risk, causing immediate harm and in many cases irreversible damage.

What Does this Update Mean for Victims of Revenge Porn?

Google has now put their foot down and is taking a stand against non-consensual porn. With this update, they have made it clear that they will no longer tolerate the unlawful sharing of intimate photos, providing immediate relief to victims.

Victims of revenge porn can now breathe easier knowing that when a potential employer, family member or colleague searches for their name in Google, they will come across their ideas about the world around them, their life’s work and accomplishments, rather than pictures on a site that is exploiting their naked body unlawfully.

Get Involved in the Fight Against Revenge Porn and Cyber Harassment

Although this update is a big win for victims of revenge porn, the fight against cyber harassment and revenge porn is far from over. Join us today in making a difference in the lives of victims by signing our petition to Congress to criminalize revenge porn at a federal level, along with harsher sentencing guidelines than many of the state laws currently on the books.

Contact 50 Shades of Silence today to learn more about how you can help give voice and dignity to victims of cyber harassment.


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