Inspiring Lives Magazine | Darieth Chisolm | March 21, 2019

There is one guarantee you need no one to make you. Change is coming. It’s inevitable, it’s certain, it’s consistent and whether you want it or not, you will experience it.

Change can bring a lot of wonderful, beautiful and terrific things in your life. We all know it can also trigger you and send you spiraling into desperation and despair.

Change is like a coin. There are two sides, and depending on which side lands face up, your outcome could be drastically different.

Sometimes we prepare to face change head-on and, like preparing for a wedding, we work to ensure every “T” is crossed, “I” is dotted, and nothing’s left to chance. And then sometimes, change comes barreling into our lives from left field, drop-kicking our carefully laid plans, forcing us to question everything, leaving us further confused and dismayed.

No one is immune, and no one gets to escape unaffected.

Here’s another constant. (Read more. Darieth is a contributing writer for Inspiring Lives Magazine)


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