Ahhh!!! This post comes with great excitement and gratitude, I’m so proud to share that 50 Shades of Silence, my indie short documentary, has been officially selected to screen at the 2019 Borderscene Film Festival September 7th at noon in Las Cruces, New Mexico. This project means so much to me. The opportunity to share my story and the stories of so many courageous, brave women is such a gift and I’m blessed to share this with the world! 

I have so many people to thank for this. My son, Tre Tarpley for giving me the reminder and the courage to “use my voice” and stand up and do what’s right. My close friends, family members, supporters, producers, crew, donors and contributors, and the exceptional women who opened up and allowed me to tell their stories. None of this would be possible without all of you. Thank you so much to each and every one of you. 

If you are in the Las Cruces, New Mexico area this weekend. Please go to the screening. Here’s the website for details www.Borderscene.org or go to www.50shadesofsilence.com to learn more. #50shadesofsilence 

Thank you

Tre Tarpley

Chuck Franciscus

Mike Wittlin 

Amy Wright

Chelsea Schneider 

Vivian McGrath 

Fernando Barron II

Emmai Alaquiva

Kirk Gillon

Mark Knobil

Robert Waters

Erica Wong

Colin Mullins

Jack Ohrman

Matt Metrovic

Alisyn Blackwell

Khadija Diop

Constance Nokovitch


Nathaly Rodriguez

Stephanie Corrao 

Dr. Holly Jacobs

Lori Ann Jones

Dr. Mary Burke

Dr. Mary Anne Franks

Leah Juliet

Belinda Berry 

Katlyn Bowden 

Stephanie Cagnet Myron

Alicia Kozakiewicz

Deborah Babridge

Traci Chisolm

Special thanks to :

Tony Scott

Ray Robinson

The Wittlin Family

Anne Clements

Christine Crow

V. Lynn Hawkins

Jim Krenn 

Kimberly Harris 

Gary White

Savoy Restaurant


Point Park University 


Higher Images

Badass Army

March Against Revenge Porn

Studio Me

The City of Pittsburgh

And Donors, Contributors and Supporters



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