I woke up to this incredible news this morning. We won Best Editing Short Documentary at the Culver City Film Festival!!
Another reason to celebrate and toast tonight on New Year’s Eve.
It’s interesting that we would win this award. Editing was the most challenging part of this two-year journey. I was ready to pack it all up because I wasn’t sure what direction to take or even how to edit what had become such a huge project.
I owe a huge thank you to each of you.
Mike Wittlin, thank you, my friend, for believing in me and waiting for all to align (woo, woo and timing!) All those long days of editing and pulling this together, together. If the judges only knew just how much work went into editing and how much was left on the cutting room floor.
Fernando Barron…wow… you were thrown a lot and you picked up the ball and ran with it. Your patience, commitment, and dedication are to be awarded and I’m so grateful you stayed the course with me and for this film. Thank you.
Seth Brand, thank you for jumping in and editing sound for us, it made all the difference and I truly appreciate your speed and efficiency. Thank you.
Ray Robinson, you helped to guide the final rounds, pointing out some much-needed edits and being so instrumental in your encouragement for me to submit to Culver.
Kirk Gillion so glad you were the first to see it in a theater, I know how to take constructive comments. 🙂 Thank you.
Thank you to Amy Wright, Viv McGrath, Chelsea Schneider, Chuck Franciscus & Leslie Green for your work and support. Be glad you weren’t at the editing tables those days!!!! LOL 🙂
See you at Chandler Film Festival


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