How to get on board with our Angel Ambassador Campaign with 50 Shades of Silence.

We are in the very early stages of creating this exclusive  network of advocates from around the world who are connected to, and in support of, giving voice and dignity to cyber harassment victims and survivors. We will also encourage social responsibility for texting, posting and sharing online, support legislative efforts to create tougher laws and stricter enforcement and promote the education and awareness of cyber bullying. In addition, we will positively encourage and motivate others to get involved and promote the crowd fund and fund raising activities for the production of the documentary and community screenings and viewings worldwide.

As an Angel Ambassador, you may be asked to support local, national and international events, online promotional activities and promote the 50 Shades of Silence values and vision to people in your community. This could involve sharing branded content on social media, encouraging those in your network to donate and help fundraise and assisting the team with local knowledge. It would be really cool if you would also help us choose the best venues to host events, the best places to stay, and of course, the best places to eat when we’re in your neck of the woods, filming, speaking and debuting the documentary!

Some of our Angel Ambassadors may have the necessary resources, information and support for victims and survivors. We want to pair you and your services with victims in an exclusive and private Facebook support group.

Requirements to become an Angel Ambassador are simple and there’s no financial hoops, other than any generous donation you may choose to make towards fundraising. We are just asking for your commitment to volunteer, speak up and help us end the silence and promote dignity and respect for victims and survivors. Ok, there’s one caveat, you must be active on at least one social media platform and willing to share 50 Shades of Silence posts, tweets and comments. 🙂

Register your interest to become an Angel Ambassador and please let us know what city and state or country you live and work in and how you plan to help.

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To create a global movement and advocate for change and protection for victims of cyber harassment we have to get into action and stay connected.

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