There is no better way to end the silence and shame of assault and abuse than to speak out about it. That’s why I’ve made a commitment to film a documentary.

In my early research about cyber harassment, cyber bullying, and revenge porn I have discovered some startling facts. Nearly 50% of online users say they have experienced some form of cyber harassment or cyber bullying. The number of cases of victims rises daily, suicide and self-destructive behavior are happening more often and more disturbing content is created and shared by the nano second. 

What’s worse is the lack of tough penalties and punishment for predators, slow responses and no responses from Internet companies to remove such content, and a huge lack of international involvement with the overall safety for our online identities.

These stories have to be told and awarness, education and advocacy is a must.

That’s why 50 Shades of Silence, the social impact documentary, is underway.

I’ve spent nearly 30 years in television and media, in front of the camera and in productions, and now I want to take you behind the scenes, into in the law offices of attorneys, into the court rooms of judges, into the board rooms of online companies and into the living rooms of victims and survivors.

I will ask lawmakers why can’t you protect us and toughen penalties for perpetrators? I will encourage the accountability and responsiveness of online companies. We will explore how to promote social responsibility for texting, posting, and sharing online, and work to restore dignity and respect to victims and survivors.

It’s no doubt, this is a huge undertaking and it will take countless hours of pre and post-production to bring this documentary to life. We are committed. Our projected budget for the 50 Shades of Silence documentary is $500,000.00, it’s a bare minimum that it will cost for us to make this film.

That’s why we need your help to raise the funds.

Every single dollar that we receive from you will increase the value and the quality of this documentary and help us tell our story with more clarity, find solutions and provide support and direction. We need your help to make this possible.

I have assembled a team and a production crew, from literally all over the world, and we are mapping out a plan for production, travel, research, equipment, etc, not to mention post-production and the final product – a social impact film and a chance for you to host 50 Shades of Silence film screenings in your community, school, church, organization.

This will give you the opportunity to invite representatives in your community to watch the film together and then open this topic up for true discussions and to explore solutions. You will also be able to download the documentary on your computer and watch it from home.

Can we do this? You bet. We are ready, we just need your help. Please visit our donation page to make your choice of contribution. Whether it is large or small it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you have played your role and voiced your support.

Let’s do this together! Thank you.


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